Unveiling the power of REPutation!

REP, which stands for Rights, Earnings, and Privileges, carries substantial significance across various facets of Dextr.

2 min readFeb 27, 2024

1. Liquidity Mining: Ranking and Trade Settlement:

REP Scores play a pivotal role in Liquidity Mining on Dextr. All liquidity providers are ranked based on their REP scores, granting them the right to settle trades first. This unique ranking system ensures a fair and efficient trade settlement process, providing an added layer of benefits for those contributing liquidity to the platform.

2. Governance: Influence Through REP:

In the governance structure of Dextr, REP holders wield influence through their REP Scores. Users receive voting credits based on the square root of their REP, empowering them to actively participate in governance decisions. This ensures a decentralized decision-making process where the community’s voice is proportionally represented, contributing to the platform’s evolution.

3. Exclusive Access and Rewards for REP Holders:

REP holders enjoy exclusive privileges, including early access to new token listings, airdrops, and protocol rewards. This reflects Dextr’s commitment to rewarding and prioritizing the community members who contribute to the platform’s growth and stability. As a REP holder, you become part of a select group with unique access to emerging opportunities within the Dextr ecosystem.

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Earning REP Scores:

Now, let’s explore how users can earn REP Scores within the Dextr ecosystem. REP Scores are accrued through fixed and dollar value-based actions.

Dollar value based Accruals:

Dollar Value-based REP Score accruals in Dextr’s ecosystem involve assigning REP scores to users based on the earning rate associated with specific user actions. These actions include deposits, successful trades, liquidity positions, and DXTR staking.

The Default USD/REP earning rate is 1USD=1REP .

Fixed Value based Accruals:

Dextr’s ecosystem involves the issuance of a fixed REP Score to the users based on specific actions.

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REP Scores on Dextr serve as a dynamic key, unlocking various benefits and opportunities for users. Whether actively participating in liquidity mining, shaping governance decisions, or enjoying exclusive access to platform rewards, REP holders form an integral part of the Dextr community. Dive into the world of decentralized opportunities, where REP Scores empower users to shape their unique journey within the Dextr ecosystem.

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